Sample Songs

I have gone to the Outback Studio since 1996 for basic track recording of acoustic instruments, for adding tracks to projects from elsewhere, for mixing down whole projects, for remastering and making compilations, for remixes and performance tracks, and for entire CD projects. Henry has helped me with twelve full commercial productions so far!

I love the friendly and comfortable atmosphere of the studio, as well as Henry's great ear for stereo imaging and choice of effects and EQ. He has been great at perceiving my goals as a producer, and we have developed a valuable collaborating relationship in which we throw ideas and observations back and forth throughout the process. He listens carefully to both my music and my production vision, and he usually comes up with the perfect solutions in both concept and detail. I have a broad variety of sounds and unusual instruments and combinations, and Henry is ready to put them all together into natural ensembles. It's been a fantastic journey!